Your Birth determines your fate

Most people are what they are because they were lucky enough to be born in that part of world. It is confusing, isn’t it? Let me explain..

Just imagine if you would have been born to different parents or a different place then would you have been where you are today? No, I suppose in most cases. Even your hardwork and perseverance might not had been strong enough to bring you where you currently are enjoying the benefits of your birth. Most of us fail to understand that we are lucky to be born in the family we currently belong.

Life would not have been same if I would have been born in some part of Africa or South America or North America. My Birth determines my fate majorly. There are millions of people who are not getting water to quench their thirst and food to stay alive. Was it their fault to be born in those circumstances or those places or that year? No, It was mere fate for them. Just think if you are in a desert with no water or food then will you fight to survive or pursue a dream to be successful someday? Today there are many people around us who have achieved unbelievable things in their life but do you think they would have been successful if they were born in some other country where being alive is in itself a big challenge.Today Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni or Roger Federer are top sportsman but it is not only due to their hard work but also due to their fate as they were lucky enough to be born in India and Switzerland. Their family & country gave them some resource to chase their dream and indeed it was their ability and perseverance to chase their dream and make a reality. Albert Einstein would not have been a great scientist if he was born to a family in Sahara Desert. His genius mind would not have saved or made him successful unless he was born in Germany and got the right scope to explore his knowledge in Science. There could be several others like him in this world but unfortunately they are unknown to the society because of multiple undeniable circumstances.

No matter who you are what you have achieved in life, never be proud of your achievement. Stay humble and respect others as you were lucky to be chosen by almighty to fulfill your dream. Therefore many great people have said to celebrate life and make the most of it. You are lucky to be born in this era and having access to unlimited resources whereas girls are being raped, killed and many children are dying as you read this! You are not always the master of your fate as sometimes fate can play its own game to keep you devoid of any resources. It is true that “Fortune favors the bold” but there should be some basic fate attached to it.


Never fail to attempt and attempt to fail!

With this I feel everyone is someway lucky to be alive and living a life which someone else also deserved. What is your take on it?



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