Top 5 personalities people love to hate

India is an amazing country with few people who love to hate few personalities but cannot ignore them. People love to read about them and find every possible way to diagnose these personalities achievements and also become successful in their own terms to point out all negative things that could ever occur in their mind.

So here is a list of top 5 people who are loved to be hated yet their success overpowers the rest: COUNTING BACKWARDS


5. Sachin Tendulkar: Yes, you read it right, Sachin is hated by many cricket lovers. The man who is considered to be the best batsman of our era, the man who has scored 100 international centuries, the man who has highest run to his name and etc etc is usually hated to be the most preferred man for any team by big stalwarts of cricket. He is hated if cannot score a century in every match. He is usually referred not as match winner and a person who always played for his own records.People find it difficult to absorb the way this little man is compared GOD of cricket. Well, guys give me a break, I am still not able to understand the reason for being hated. Is it the success that he has acquired through his hard work or is it because you have not been able to achieve a single dream of your own?


4. M S Dhoni: So, Dhoni is just a lucky guy who just got massive success by chance only. He is good for nothing. He is hated for being the most successful Indian Cricket Captain ever. It is hard to accept that he is the next living legend of Indian team yet he remains grounded who stands firm about his opinions and acts according to his guts. No one is able to accept how could he act out of box when he should do what normal people think yet becomes successful. It is all luck by chance, I believe! His calmness and temperament is something which has created jealousy to many. He hit sixes at will whereas others wait for a bad ball to do so. Therefore, it’s all luck man! India is blessed to have such a player yet many needs to realize the same.


3. Chetan Bhagat: How can someone just write a book with no experience and just get famous without any reason. He is just a mediocre writer and uses simple language with simple story yet he is famous and earning millions! People find it hard to believe that there are so many great writers but no one is as famous as Chetan Bhagat with bollywood also following his books by making movies. People fail to understand the impact of his books which is most common in our life. He is hated to be successful with just few books to his name. People hate to refer his his books to someone else but they would have bought and read it many times themselves because the way he connected with each one. He has brought change to reading habits of our generation (atleast more people have started reading books!) but his simplicity and “connect” factor is something people don’t like to accept.


2. Narendra Modi : The list would have been incomplete without Narendra Modi. He is probably the most hated person for many reason unknown at present. He came from Gujrat where riots happened during his tenure as Chief Minister. He is a person who listen to his heart and speaks volumes about India. He is hated for being a pro growth person. He is often referred as person behind Gujrat riots even when Supreme Court have given a clean chit. He is hated because everyone under him has to work (literally work! can you imagine government people actually working?). He is hated for marketing India across globe and redifing India. Well people are not ready to accept the fact that India itself has so much potential and Modi is just unravelling it. People love to be under an illusion that India is good for nothing and Modi is preaching false to world. Well, people wake up and smell coffee πŸ™‚


1. Shahrukh Khan: The more you hate Sharukh Khan, the more you are adding to his bottle of popularity. Shahrukh Khan only overacts where he has never shown any acting skills. He is loud and smart. He is the best choice for any director anytime. People hate him because of his amazing sense of humour. He hardly takes anything as he believes in giving back with his own style. He is hated as he is a self-made man who was nothing but a common man like us who has achieved so much which no other actor would ever be able to achieve in future. He is hated for showing the passion and enthusiasm all the time at an age where he should take rest and do films with old man’s role. SRK amazing personality still works like magic for all girls. Every boyfriend or husband hate him as he is most loved and often compared for showing their love like SRK does! If not all girls atleast all guys hate him as they have to sacrifice cricket whenever he is on TV πŸ™

People who hate all above are mostly frustrated and annoyed with their life where they could not achieve anything with their smart brains but still working as an employee to earn their living. People would still continue to underestimate their achievements and hardwork. The love they get speaks volumes of their achievements, accolades and popularity for being smart yet grounded who have taken India’s name to world.

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