The 3 life’s of our LIFE

Today’s generation is experiencing something which no one ever thought in reality. The real world and reality is far now with the advent of technology and personal interest. Every one has set up their life into 3 role plays – Personal , Public & social media life. Though all of them are unique and separate from each other but all are interlinked in someway. A right balance between all 3 is the only secret to lead a successful life but seldom many people are able to manage.

Let us look at various role plays of our life individually:

The Personal Life:

personal life

Personal life are very delicate & intimate part of us. Everyone has certain identity based on personal life experience. Personal life are very close to our heart & soul and it can hardly be shared unless that person is trustworthy. It is highly private in many cases and it may be practiced at various levels in various countries based on culture and surrounding like people in US consider privacy at highest level. Our personal life can have dark secrets, funny moments, intimate moments or individual achievements / sacrifices. One’s personal life, which is mostly past life can create various impacts on other’s life (specially if that person matters the most at that point of time). It could either be used as a shield or weapon to recreate future. Many of us use diary as a medium to keep a track of personal events which we use to scribe through at later stage of our life to remind ourselves of how funny or embarrassing or cool was life earlier. One’s personal life should be taken care with utmost importance as it can hit badly to anyone at any point of time. Personal life experiences are vital to one’s growth or decline and it depends one’s attitude towards it.

The Public Life:


This is a life where we share with friends, family & relatives. Our approach is very different based on situation, environment & our commitments at various levels. It is a meet and greet zone where most part is rosy and good. Public behavior attracts and distracts many like in our professional life. Public life is more of partial reflection of one’s character and behavior towards society. People love certain public traits and hate certain qualities based on reaction generated at that point of time. Public image impacts a lot to our professional life. One’s true character is never revealed in public. However honesty, truthfulness, faithfulness, hardworking are few traits which cannot be easily switched when there is a sudden change in role play. On any given day, we spend nearly 50% to 75% of our life in public where it becomes extremely important to potray the right and truthful character. Public role play often offers us with various opportunities to learn and grow or change certain characters / traits or we inculcate as we work with a certain group or environment. Public life many times defines us about who we are when exposed to various circumstances and situations. Thus, it becomes the essence of our life towards the society and it is vital to play safe at all times because we never know who is observing our behavioral pattern.

The Social Media Life:


This is the most complex and difficult life that one can have based on his / her exposure to social media. Some of the profound social media that we are exposed to are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Watsapp, just to name a few. This part of life started in early 2000’s when we were exposed to meet and talk to anyone and at the same time being not available physically to that person. This helped many to make new friends and lead a life which took away all our fundamental understanding of social life.While Facebook made us available to all friends but it took away the charm of meeting someone in person. At times we feel comfortable to be in secluded zone when we are in social media and people start sharing their darkest secrets to unknown persons which could be alarming. It is seen that writing or typing personal messages gives more comfort in sharing true feelings than talking in person. This proved to be big weapon for introverts as they are able to share & talk without being physically exposed.This boom proved to a bane after a certain stage of our involvement. It has both positive and negative impact. In one hand, after being in social media, we stayed in touch with our oldest & lost friends & relatives while in other hand, it took us away from our own near and dear ones. Social media life carries a lot of secret part of one’s life now a days or you could say one persons life could be understood if we are able to catch hold of their smart phone. Smart phones carries a lot of personal life messages and history. These social media could expose one’s life completely and it is very much possible to see a different side of one’s life altogether.  Social media misuse has created a special crime called cyber crime which has ruined many life’s. Sharing of photographs, MMS or messages could destroy someone’s life. The only difference in real life and social media life is that our History gets stored physically in social media life and it can be recovered at any time as per our desire whereas in real life, history is stored in our memories and it is not physically visible to anyone. This exposure of social media can ruin many life. This part of life is growing at an exponential rate and it is one of the cause of many relationship breakdown as they are socially exposed. It becomes immensely important to understand the impact and limitations of using such tools.

social media

We perform role play for all 3 life’s and in some stage we realize the importance of each at certain stage of life. However, all are independent of each other but they converge into each other to define us in various aspects like building personal character, defining professional career path and self-realization. It makes us who we are and provides various opportunities to learn, grow and act accordingly. Thus it is important to find the right balance in all 3 life’s.

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