Sujata, Roy & Me – A funny love Triangle

“I am confused bro” Arindam said with his eyebrows raised.

“Why? What is bothering you now?” I replied with a deep voice.

“Don’t know bro, I think, I am good in Finance, IT & Marketing. I am confused what specialization should I take?” Arindam with a very perplexed voice questioned.

I got irritated, as this has been the 4th time with same question same day and I angrily replied “Enough boss, Bahut ho gaya nautanki, you take whatever you want. Don’t ask me again and again”. I hurriedly left the place so that I am not put into the same spot again.

Arindam Roy (now on to be referred as Roy), a confused personality with hairs left only to count in his shiny head. Arindam was always good in convincing others and was a self proclaimed stylish guy. He was one of my best buddies during MBA days apart from Alok Tiwari, the other Arindum(split personality), Alok Verma & Argha. Roy was always good in marketing and God knows what made him feel that he was good in Finance too. I had told him many times to opt for Marketing as his specialization before I started getting irritated at his over confident behavior. Roy was our banker, as he used to fund our daily breakfast – tea & special paratha in Aunty’s shop which was just opposite to our college. Roy was a self proclaimed singer too, whose songs were most irritating when we had to listen so that he could pay for our food and tea. Nonetheless, Roy was a simple, kind hearted & a humble guy for whom only one line comes to my mind – “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

It was the time of the year when each one of us had to choose our specialization subject and that meant separate classes. It was March 2006 & we had almost a month to jump into our line of choice which would in some way draw our future jobs. During those days, I loved irritating Roy and thus planned with Alok, Arindum, Verma & Argha to play a prank on Roy to make him remember us throughout his life. I wanted to show Roy that he is not the most intelligent in our group, rather most confused guy ever. Thus,  a plan was chalked and I had a major role to play.

The Plan

unknown girl2

I had to call Roy and talk in a feminine voice so that Roy is convinced and fall in love with the girl. We decided to name the girl as Sujata and since I had a extra sim card, I would use it for fooling Roy. I still remember, it was 17th March, 2006, I first gave a missed call to Roy. He did not respond at first. I continued with few more missed calls but to no avail. Finally, I decided to send a text message – “Hi Arindam, I am Sujata. I need to talk to you”. This time Roy immediately called back.

“Hello? Are you Sujata? I got a message from your number.” Roy with a confused state asked.

“Yes, This is Sujata. I wanted to talk to you. Do you know Biren?” I replied in a female voice.

“Yes, he is my friend. How do you know him?” Roy said.

“Well, perhaps you don’t know me. Biren might not have told you since I told him not to tell about us to anyone. I recently came to Kolkata. I not only know you by your name but I have also seen you. You have a style and I love it. I am in Kolkata for more than a month now and I wanted to talk to you. I got your number from Biren’s mobile phone which he doesn’t know. Please don’t tell him anything otherwise he would kill me.” Sujata with a very soft voice replied.

Listening to this, Roy could not understand anything and he was silent for some time. He could not believe that I could hide something like this to him and moreover, Sujata telling all this. Roy was stumbled for a moment and finally said “Listen Sujata, I am a good friend of Biren and this is not good. If he has told you and not shared with me anything then you should respect him. Biren is a good friend of mine and I cannot talk to you without his permission. So please do not call me or text me anymore. Thanks, bye”.

The first call went well and it worked more than we thought. Alok told to reveal everything because Roy might be confused but I had other plans as I thought of dragging this for some more time till April 1st and make him April Fool.

Next day, Roy came to one of our common classes. He tried to avoid me and did not sit near me. He hardly made any eye contact. Immediately after the class, I went running to Roy and acted normal but Roy was purely in discomfort. He pretended as if he got some urgent work and had to go. He did not meet for rest of the day as well. I was starting to enjoy this and we thought of taking it to next level.

Few days later, Sujata again called up Roy “I tried getting over you but could not stop thinking. I think, I am falling in love with you. Biren is a very short tempered guy and he does not respect me. I want to meet you. I will do anything for you. Please meet me once.”

Roy got very irritated and with a very disgusted voice replied “Enough Sujata, I don’t want to meet you or hear anything about Biren. It is between you and Biren and you both should discuss. As far as I know, Biren is a very nice person and if he loves you then he will do anything for you. You need to understand him.I cannot do this to Biren. Please don’t call me again.” and the call was disconnected.

I was surprised at this behavior of Roy as I had never imagined that Roy is such a great friend and he really cares for me. I was very happy from inside but my cruel intentions were not allowing me to stop there. I created an email id with Sujata’s name and started emailing Roy. Roy started to get very serious and his replies were enough to prove his good intentions. Few day later, I approached Roy and said that I wanted to share something very personal with him about someone special. Roy could not avoid but as a friend he agreed to listen. I started telling him a story from my end. I told that I am in love with a girl called Sujata which has been going for more than six months but recently, she has started behaving very weird and not spending anytime with me. I told, as if I started doubting that Sujata was cheating on me and she is playing with my emotions. I made a face, as if I would kill that person if I am able to find who that guy is. I could feel Roy was not at all comfortable. Roy’s face was showing it all. I had to control my laugh but I was enjoying a lot.

Roy with a confused state went back home and sent an email to Sujata. He clearly mentioned that he did not want any more emails, calls or texts. He said, he was very concerned about Biren’s well being and he cannot lie to me (i.e. Biren) anymore. He wanted to tell everything to Biren next day. He was feeling burdened with this whole thing and was feeling guilty. Sujata (i.e. Me ) replied immediately stating that she wanted to get over the relation with Biren and would go away from all. She pleaded Roy not to share anything with Biren and requested him to meet only once before she goes out of everyone’s life. She requested Roy to meet near Karunamayee bus stop at 2 PM  on Saturday. Roy agreed to this proposal only to make things better.

The Climax

roy sleeping

Roy unable to sleep all night

I knew Roy had never imagined this and I knowingly called him on Saturday as this was 1st April, a perfect day to reveal the truth and make him April Fool. It was almost 1.00 PM on Saturday, I called up Roy and said that I would be coming to his home at 2 PM to do a group study. I knew Roy would try to avoid me as he was going to meet Sujata. He pretended to go out to meet his relative. I did not pull his leg anymore as I knew the time had come to put an end to this prank.

Roy reached Karunamayee bus stop and four of us were hiding behind a fast food shop to witness the action. It was very hot and humid but Roy wanted to meet Sujata and as a good friend of mine, he wanted to make Sujata understand my true love and feelings for her. Sujata had told him that she would be wearing a pink top with denim jeans. Roy waited for good 15 minutes before a girl incidentally came to bus stop with same dress. She was really looking beautiful. Roy thought the girl to be her and started walking towards her. We knew that something wrong was going to happen and Roy had fully fallen into the trap. I walked briskly towards Roy and shouted “Hey Roy! What are you doing here? I thought you were going to your relatives house.” . Roy could not utter anything and fumbled many times before he said, “I am sorry Biren. I just cannot take it anymore. I need to confess something to you. Please do not misunderstand me.” I could see the guilty feeling in his eyes and I could not control myself anymore. The girl with pink top was standing just beside us. Roy started looking at her and me. The girl gave a startled and weird look and when bus No. 208 came and she went away hurriedly without any second thought as if she was stalked by us.

Roy could not understand what had just happened. I took out my other mobile and dialed infront of him. Roy’s phone started ringing and when he saw the name, he was astonished, perplexed and angry at the same time. We all started laughing out loud. People could not understand what had just happened. I said “Happy April fools day, Roy!”. Roy started to understand everything now. He could recall each and everything that happened in past. He was furious and started scolding me. In the end, Roy too started laughing and said “Never, ever do this again. I was so concerned about you”.

It has been nearly 9 years now but every time we talk, Sujata is one of our favorite topic. Sujata, a girl who never existed has brought us together for life and she will be a reason for our friendship. Roy is now a well established working professional who finally landed in a big multi national IT company though he did Marketing as his specialization. Roy has finally found his own Sujata and leading a happy life.


Left to Right – Vivek, Aniruddha, Don’t remember, ROY, Don’t remember, Arindum & Me

Arindam Roy – You are a true friend and may Sujata live long! 😉

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