RAPE is not a crime

Rape is not a crime but it is more heinous form of crime than murder. In a murder,  the person dies but in a rape, you murder her soul. When a girl is raped, it is the whole family who is raped along with her. The girl goes through immense trauma along with her family to face the world. They loose the mental balance many times. The society do not accept them. One can never imagine the pain, trauma or the loneliness they have to go through their entire life.

It is said that 60% of the rape cases are never reported with a fear of facing society and the process of undeniable pain, the girl and their parents have to go through every day. But what about 40% which are reported. It is an unimaginable process of fighting a lonely battle with least support from anyone. The only thing of this process is getting more victimized. This makes their life dark and a sense of suicide automatically develops which is absolutely normal being a human.


When someone is raped, it is not the sexual assault but mental agony and the rape of her soul which comes as default. Girls loose confidence on men, dreams are shattered and there is sudden shift in life which seems to be more and more dark. Rape is a physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, personal identity, gender and sexual violation, all at once.

Rape don’t stop only after getting raped but the real pain starts only after that. There are numerous examples of such rapes happening in the world. It is very hard to imagine that rape happens even to a 3 year old kid. How can someone even think of it? It is so sick and our blood boils with anger whenever we read such news.

Below is one of the horrific thought of a anonymous girl who was raped and after reading this, I cannot think how to console her or how to make her believe that world is still a better place.

I was raped too. It still haunts me everyday and its been 4 years. It never goes away for me. I hate everyone, i trust no one. I hide in my room and play games i am unemployed, I am irritable, depressed, and suicidal on a weekly basis. I want to be left alone but find myself lonely. I will never find peace until my ****** is dead… sadly i like to think that is true but even if he was dead i could never truly trust again.

Can we help her as a society? Can we ever make her to regain the trust over men? Can we actually amend things? I don’t know but I know that even if the rapist is convicted and hanged, it won’t ever repair her life. The only way is to show love and care to her. Love is the only solution to make her believe in herself.


It is not only the sexual assault that forms or qualifies to be a rape but also the various other forms like a small girl who doesn’t understand the way she should not be touched or a girl who is looked upon in a way as if she is being asked to be raped. It happens everyday to a girl – while traveling, walking, partying, sleeping, working.

It is taken for granted that girls are the property of men but the truth is men are property of girls because a boy is born from a female body only.

Rape has  reached alarming situation now. The number of cases are increasing every year. It is said we are developing in terms of education and health but still we are not able to provide a safe environment to a single girl. Rather we are becoming more educated fools.

Causes of Rape: Let us look at the common thinking of what causes rape.

The provocating dressing sense:

Well it is often misunderstood that since a girl wears a revealing dress or wears a short dress, men are attracted and it leads to rape. This is one of the most common and sick mentality thought that could ever occur. Statistically, girls wearing short dresses or revealing dresses are mostly found in city whereas rapes are mostly happening in non urban cities or rural places. In most of the rape cases, either the girls were school kids, or rural girl who has never tried any short dress or a minor or someone who was more shy than other girls.

Working late:


People usually say girls should not work late. It provocates men and since they are working late, they are more forward in nature and it creates a environment for themselves to get raped. This seems to be more male ego issue as girls working late are now provided with adequate security by their respective companies as well as they are better educated to take care of themselves. Working late is part of their professional life and it does not bear anything with rape. Ofcourse there are many issues of eve teasing (another form of heinous crime) but rape cannot be a result of this step.


Girls who are having a better lifestyle go for a party as men do but it is often referred to one of the prime reason of rape. People often say girls going to a party and drinking makes them desired to be raped as they start dancing and holding hands. Well, it is another absurd reason of a girl getting raped. Girls earn money as men do and they have equal rights to enjoy their life by taking precautions. There is a mere small number to support  as one of the main reasons of rape.

The real cause: Well the real cause of rape is male partner trying to dominate a female through force or showing his physical strength to a “perceived” less physical strength female. Males normally try to show of their masculinity by use of brutal force. Most rape cases happen when a guy is under influence of drug or excess alcohol who think to own the world and inorder to show their power they use a lesser powerful person (females in most cases). Rapist are mentally unstable and unwanted humans in the society. Not all men are rapist but all rapist suffer from lack of pride or success or domination power or they are mentally weak. A rapist do not see if a girl is wearing short dress or partying or working late. Rapist only intention is to make himself feel accomplished at something by attacking a weaker person.

In most of the rape cases, rapist are under some influence or were influenced by someone else. They are weaker by all means and to prove to themselves, they take the help of rape. Rapist are not humans or animals because even an animal never force without the other partners consent.

Rapist should be dealt with the most stringent law ever and justice should never be delayed. Rapist should be addressed with highest priority without looking into the age because if a minor can rape a child then they are no more a minor rather they are devil to the society. They should never walk free.

It is the rapist who should suffer all through out life – be it physically or psychologically. The raped person should be dealt with utmost care and love. The girl who was raped should never feel ashamed but fight till the rapist is convicted for the crime.

I do not intend to support girl but my intention is to make understand and remove the devilish thinking of common people misconceptions. I support practicing a good human and it does not matter whether it is a boy or girl. I do agree that girls needs to be more aware and take all precautionary steps before going out but it is the society who needs to change their perception about rape and make a better and safe place for girls to live.


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