Open letter to all Hindu & Muslim Friends on FRIENDSHIP DAY

Dear Friends,

The reason for writing this letter is very simple as I wanted to put my feelings (a common man) for a daily topic that has become so important that even if we want to ignore, we just cannot!

I practice Hinduism as my religion for the only reason being born to a Hindu family. Had I been born to a Muslim family, I would have practiced Islam. Our history shows that we were united at one time but as the time progressed and became more educated, we lost the touch of humanity for the benefits of few people as we fell prey to their desire and benefits. It is only for their love of power, we were made to understand and accept that we are different from each other. This gave rise to hatred and ignorance towards humanity.

Both of us are equally responsible for creating this gap. I believe in humanity and love to be a human first. I have many friends who are Muslim and Hindu and they are pure by heart with no difference towards me or my religion. They respect me and vice versa. I know each one of us has a friend or acquaintance who is either a Hindu or Muslim. Do we treat them differently? Are they not dear to us? Are they not happy when we are happy? Are they not sad when we are sad? They are the best gift to us. We talk when something wrong happens to this world, we laugh, we cry, we enjoy, we celebrate, we fight, we forgive each other yet we never leave them. They make us feel belonged, they make us a part of their family, they stand by us when we are in trouble, they support us emotionally when we need them the most. But the sad part comes when there is any national tragedy, we try to go back to what we never believed in, we start to question the theory of other religion. We raise question against the person’s identity and create an environment of uneasiness and inequality. This is what is exactly expected by few people who are targeting our common man thinking.

The biggest and an exemplary example of humanity is none other than our beloved Late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. A man of honesty, devotion and leader whose thinking has never been questioned. He was never questioned about his vision because of being a muslim. He was the most loved Ex President of all time. Each Hindu and Muslim loved him, just because he practiced humanity. I have never heard a single word of criticism for him. Every Indian believed his thoughts, believed in his purity, believed in his humbleness. He is not only a leader for all Indians but for the whole world just for a simple reason that he was educated perfectly. When I say educated perfectly, I do not mean only qualification wise, I mean his clarity in his thought process of touching our lives. The whole India is indebted towards him. We can only pray to almighty to make him born in India again.

Hence, I request all to practice the religion of Humanity which encompasses our love of GOD in various forms. We believe in the supreme power but the supreme power is in various forms and practiced and preached in different avatars. Let us not be divided based on our religions but be divided in constructive thought process and the righteousness of being a Human.

Let us celebrate this FRIENDSHIP DAY in love of friendship and humanity only. Let us become human first and be loved and belonged. I take this opportunity to wish all my friends irrespective of any caste, creed, colour or culture – “A VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY”.



Happy Friendship day

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