I still remember….

I still remember, when I saw you for the first time,

Everything around me felt like a rhythmic rhyme.

Your eyes were glittery and your hair were long

I realized, I am not taking any decisions wrong.


Soon we came together to begin the journey of our life,

I was immediately out of my loneliness and strife.

I was mesmerized by your beauty that extends to heaven

for it goes forever and ever and never lessens.


I still remember, the way you smiled,

it had the innocence of a child.

Everyday used to be bright and shiny

as I saw the world through your eyes,

it filled me with emotion and made me wise.


I still remember, the world felt to be magical

when I held you tightly and realized you to be a miracle.

Now I have started believing in god,

as I looked into the sky and felt aw’d.


I still remember when you said those three magical words,

I felt like I am in heaven and listening to chirp of birds.

You made my life complete & worthwhile,

As I wonder, can there be anything better than your smile!


I still remember when I left the world

you looked so beautiful with your hair curled.

As I see you waiting for my return up from here,

I wonder if god could give another chance to make myself clear.


As today, our world are miles apart

I am still waiting for you with a bleeding heart.

The only thing now I want to say you loud and clear,

I will always be there for you, my dear.













This poem is written by one of my friend who has chosen not to disclose his identity.


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