The 3 life’s of our LIFE

Today’s generation is experiencing something which no one ever thought in reality. The real world and reality is far now with the advent of technology and personal interest. Every one has set up their life into 3 role plays – Personal , Public & social media life. Though all of them are unique and separate from each other but all are

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Top 5 personalities people love to hate

India is an amazing country with few people who love to hate few personalities but cannot ignore them. People love to read about them and find every possible way to diagnose these personalities achievements and also become successful in their own terms to point out all negative things that could ever occur in their mind. So here is a list

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The THIEF – An unknown friendship messenger

It was almost 12.30 PM on 12th December 2005, when I started feeling dizzy after a long hour of studying Financial Management. It was the first semester exam time of our MBA and all four of us – Alok, Arindum, myself & Argha were almost drained out trying to understand Time value of Money chapter for past 2 hours. Alok & Arindum

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