Amazing unknown facts about BRUCE LEE, the Superhuman

As you read more about Bruce Lee, you will be amazed to know about his super powers that he possessed and many of them unknown to world.

So here are top 10 listed unknown facts about Bruce Lee which will make you feel awe and inspired to be like him (though its too late to be 🙂 ):

1.Lethal Kicks:

He could vary his kick with strength and speed as it is said that he could literally make people fly with his kick. One of Lee’s most treasured possessions was his training shield, which he reportedly took everywhere with him. One of his favorite “pranks” was to have people hold this shield and let him kick them.

2.He was too fast to be filmed:

It is often said that he was too fast to be filmed as his movements were not visible to be captured. It came to notice on the sets of Green Hornet, when the director was shooting a fight scene. While watching the recorded scene, director did not like the idea of side kick with magical mind power where Lee was seen only standing and all others were falling down one by one. So, he asked Lee to slow down, which he did and when the scene was again reviewed , it was seen that the slow down produced a blur effect. It became evident that Lee was actually too fast to be filmed.

3.He was too strong for a punching bag:

For an average / normal person the punching bags are around 70 pounds but Lee customised his punching bags with 300 pounds. He was so powerful and it was believed that he could kick so hard that punching bags would fly and damage the ceiling. He filled the punching bag with metals too to make it heavy and not to make it fly! Amazing, isn’t it?

4.He could catch a rice with chopstick:

In order to increase his reflexes and concentration for fights, Lee practiced by throwing a single rice in air and catch them. It is said he was a master of it!  Though it sounds impossible but Lee was often referred to be a master of it.

5.The One INCH punch:

Only one inch was required by Lee to put any person down. He was most famous for this skill that hardly anyone could imagine. Lee is said to have the power to gather so much power with his hand only an inch away from you and he could easily knock you down.Even scientist were curious to find how could that be possible. There is a rare footage showing Lee breaking wooden board from an inch away. Now, a lesson for all, Don’t mess with Lee!

6.The Dragon Flag exercise:

This exercise became famous in Rocky movie when stallion is seen performing in one of his work out session. However, this was the invention of Lee where he could take it a level of mere impossibility where he could support his entire frame on the edge of a bench, with only his shoulders touching anything, all while the rest of his body remained perfectly rigid and horizontal to the ground. Lee believed in increasing his core strength which made him to practise this.

7.One Fingered Pushup’s & One arm Pull ups:

Yes, you are reading correct – One Fingered push ups, only Lee was able to do. Lee during his younger days wanted to show his strength, where he did one fingered push up. Now thats impressive if you are girl, right?

One arm pull ups were not a big deal for Lee as he could easily do 50 with a single hand. He was so strong and makes us wonder, where were his biceps?

8.No one could ever punch his face:

Lee had spent a lot of time in street fights as in 70’s it wasn’t a big deal. All fights almost ended the way it should!

In his life, there were three times when Lee was challenged to a fight, and none of his opponents could even land a single hit on him’ he was simply too fast. When he was challenged on the set of Enter the Dragon, Bruce took apart his opponent by deftly avoiding every blow, and by locking him against a wall. He then stood him up, and give him a lesson.

9.A slap and he could dislocate your shoulder:

In one of his training exercise, Lee dislocated a guy’s shoulder just a slap. Even Lee was surprised as he said “It was more of a slap than a punch”. With his power , if a simple slap could dislocate your shoulder, then what would happen when he fights in full power. Well, it’s scary!

10.He Could Grab A Coin Out Of Your Hand, And Replace It With Another Coin:

Lee’s speed is so legendary that most cheetahs have a photo of him on their walls, and Usian Bolt has to watch his movies in slow motion.

One of Lee’s most impressive feats of speed, was his ability to snatch a coin from your hand. The usual protocol would be Lee placing a coin in your hand, after which he’d stand a few feet away. He’d then instruct you to close your palm as soon as you saw him move.

When you saw the blur of movement that was Bruce Lee, you’d snap your hand shut and feel a round object. Your smugness would only last so long though, since your next sight would be Lee smiling while holding your coin, leaving you to open your own hand and see a different coin that Lee had placed there in less than a second. This was usually the last thing most fans saw before their heads exploded out of frustration. It’s no surprise that Lee died young; he clearly experienced time at twice the rate normal people do.

Hope you guys enjoyed after knowing some unknown facts about Bruce Lee.

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