5 things you should ask your parents to do

In today’s world, most of us are staying away from our parents. Today, we may be tech savvy but we are helpless in terms of giving a emotional touch to our own parents. Our parents though never complain of being left alone but they need the love and care. It is also evident that we sometimes cannot be with them 24 hours due to multiple reasons but we can do something which will at least make us feel less scared for our parents.

If you are staying away from your parents but still care and scared for them, then you need to tell your parents to do these 5 things.


– Call at least once a day incase they don’t get a call from you: Schedule a time for yourself to call them or other way round which should happen every day without fail. This will ensure of their needs and good health.


– Never travel anywhere alone: Ask your parents not to travel anywhere alone. They should always have someone all the time.

– Make them aware of use of emergency contact: Incase of emergency, your parents should be able to use the functionality of emergency dialling. Make them practice of the use of dialing these numbers. Keep your number and someone you trust in nearby to help them incase of emergency.

– Keep a note in their wallet or purse: If your parents are not well versed with usage of technology or internet, just put a paper with a writing about your contact details so that they are able to carry all the time with them no matter where they go.

– keep at least one medicine in their pocket: No matter what happens, your parents should always carry some money & atleast 1 medicine which they take on daily basis in their pocket.

I personally have felt the need of these for my parents as I lost my father due to failure of doing these things. My dad did not carry his wallet or phone while he was in his last moment. He struggled to death for 90 mins before he passed away due lack of getting the medical emergency. Time matters a lot in these cases. I lost him due to my failure of getting the help he required.

We do not know what may happen tomorrow but at least we should be well prepared to take action when we are far away from our parents. As our parents grow old and stay alone, they need more and more attention and love. Even if we are not able to be physically present but we should use the technology to our strength to be prepared. One phone call or one help could save our loved one’s.

These are very small and one time act to help yourself and your loved parents from any misfortune. It will not take more than 5 minutes to arrange these things. So, make yourself a true son or daughter by giving them what they always deserved.

Hope this helps each one of us. Share and spread this to help everyone.

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