5 steps for successful life

  • Give time to yourself: How many days have you given time for yourself? How many days have you given out of your busy schedule? It is the most important aspect to even before you action your dream. You need to keep aside some time for yourself everyday. Everyone has got same hours in a day but still why some people can achieve while others keep dreaming and roll on for next year. Successful people do assess their time, investigate their past learnings and identify the areas to address. It is essential to understand how you utilized your time and how you plan to utilize. With our busy schedule of life, you can just add 30 minutes to your work and put into use with all honesty to assess your time – find your time where it was productive, rework on the time which was wasted and keep it practicing for a month. The change will automatically reflect on your daily routine life.


  • Work on your dream: Dream – the word changes all with the way you understand and approach life. Dream is the only tool which works subconsciously to make you successful. You have a dream then prepare a process map, keep practicing and analyzing everyday. Promise yourself to be successful and dream big. Never dream of small or obvious achievable objectives. You will get satisfied once you achieve them but if you dream big then the work towards it will force you to stretch your effort and ultimately you will land up on achieving your dream. Dream is very subjective and a serious thought. You should write your dream and put infront of you so that it keeps reminding you of the progress that you have made. Break your dream into small steps and assign a timeline for each small objective. Revisit every week and make necessary changes and restart again. Do not worry if the plan is not on track or need amendments as every revisit would push you to make changes but never compromise on your end result. Make your dream as your personal project and keep working without failure. Remember your every effort will be worth when you reach the end of it.


  • Read books / articles / autobiographies: Always spare time to read inspirational topics or books or famous autobiographies. It helps to detoxify your thought process and train your brain to attract positive energy. Choose your subject and read a small article or a thin book but always make an effort to read it thoroughly and unlearn your existing blockages which stops you to excel in life. Identify simple qualities from famous personalities and inculcate them in your habit. Never feel ashamed of your failures. The best way to motivate and keep you moving is by acquiring knowledge and learning from each source. Put a book in your travel bag all time or buy a book or newspaper or search for any video and keep listening to great people speeches. Reading will keep you motivated and help to achieve your goal in life.


  • Acquire new skill: Look around you and you will realize that there are many skills that need to be acquired and practiced. Every day we come across small things which happen for a reason but we don’t give attention to them. Focus on each of them and try to learn and make them a part of your life. Some may require more time and some can be learnt immediately. Always practice them and do not compromise on anything. It creates a positive energy out of you which in turn will create a positive environment. This will change your surrounding and the impact is in long term. Identify all positive characteristics from all people, learn a new skill if possible & use all available resources to magnify your life.


  • Invest on yourself: At the end of the day, no matter what your skills are or how much introspection you have done or how many books you read, you will never be able to achieve your dream unless you invest them in yourself. Result will yield when you are ready to invest your dream on yourself. Everything depends on you, everyday belongs to you and every moment is important if you realize and understand the importance of each action you have taken. So dream, plan, revisit, respect, learn and invest wisely on your dream.



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